Buy Used! 10 Tips for Buying a Used Car!

January 17, 2012

It’s time to get a new vehicle. Your first stop for Alpharetta GA used cars, John Megel Chevy has some excellent tips for buying used! Sometimes buying a “brand-new car!” isn’t always the best decision. Buying used cars has gotten a bad rep, usually from people who weren’t versed on these 10 used car buying tips, and they drove away in a lemon. Well don’t let those myths bring you down, because we’re here to give you some great advice on buying a used car. We’re going to make this easy!

10 Tips for buying a Used Car:

1. Think about what kind of car you need.
2. Do your homework on the vehicle that you’ve picked for yourself. Make sure it was the right choice.
3. Cheaper is not better. Find a dealer that is well respected and offers a great warranty.
4. Don’t be persuaded by the salesman. If he has nothing to hide he won’t mind your questions or concerns.
5. Use this guide for your test drive:

a. Is the car “pulling” in either direction?
b. Is the A/C cool?
c. How are the brakes?
d. Does the car produce unusual noises?

6. Visually inspect the interior. If the interior is a mess, the car might not have been taken care of.
7. Check the exterior damage against the carfax, is there any unreported damage?
8. Check where the car was parked. Signs of leakage are a red flag and a bad sign.
9. Check all of the oil and fluids. Be sure that the oil isn’t thick or black and that are fluids are full.
10. Lastly, check the emissions. White or blue tinted emissions are a bad sign.

Purchasing a used car doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We hope this guide will help. When you’re ready to buy, John Megel Chevrolet is your one stop shop for Alpharetta GA used cars. The have a great selection to choose from. Give them a call, or stop by today to test drive your favorite Chevy!

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