Myths of Buying a Used Car

January 6, 2012

Used cars Atlanta dealers hear many myths throughout the day, many of which are easily debunked. There are several truths however, that are no longer applicable. Yester-years truths, it seems, have become today’s myths, creating a dilemma for people seeking to buy a used car in Atlanta. The best way to go in this new situation is to learn more about the truths that are no longer accurate on the market.

You can make more money selling your used car in Atlanta yourself: This is no longer true. While it used to be that selling your used car in Atlanta yourself meant more money in your pocket, you just had to be willing to do the research and go through the process, today dealers are willing to pay the price you want due to new shortages of vehicles from Japan.  Atlanta dealers need used vehicles and their disadvantage puts you at an advantage.

Older models are cheaper than buying new: This used to be the case as well, but today however many old models are selling for the same or even at a higher price than when they were new on the market. Just pass by a used car Atlanta dealer and you’ll see that many of the prices have stayed high despite the car being used. This means that it is even more important to buy your car in Atlanta from a reliable dealer.

Japanese models mean fuel economy and quality: This is no longer true. Over the last several years fuel economy and quality have been at the top of every car manufacturers list. This means that many of the used cars in Atlanta are apart of this new priority.

So as you can see, many of these used car myths are both good and bad. Dealers are also feeling the strains of financial hardships and so make sure that you are purchasing your vehicle from the used car Atlanta dealer that is well known and reliable. An honest used car Atlanta dealer sure to treat you with the respect you deserve is Megel Chevy. Here there is no time wasted haggling because the dealers at Megel Chevy know your time is important.

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